Butler Polymer Research Lab Group Photo as of February 2014

The George & Josephine Butler Polymer Research Laboratory in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Florida has more than one hundred members and is comprised of the Castellano, Colina, Fanucci, Miller, Savin, Sumerlin, Veige, and Wagener research groups. As part of the Polymer Program, the Butler Polymer Research Laboratory is an integrated and collaborative laboratory setting in which members of the Castellano, Colina, Miller, Savin, Sumerlin, and Wagener groups conduct research in shared facilities on a widely diverse set of topics that encompass all elements of polymer science.

Latest News & Events

  • Dr. Savin

    Michael Sims Receives 2018 Butler Polymer Research Award

    Professor George & Josephine Butler established this award to recognize excellence in graduate student research and education related to polymer chemistry. Competition for the award isstrong and extends beyond the Butler Polymer Research Laboratory. Candidates are selected from all Department of Chemistry Ph.D. students who carry out research in polymer chemistry.

    The 2018 award was presented to Michael B. Sims. Sims has been an involved member of the UF Polymer Program, both participating in outreach events and serving as a mentor to three high school students and two undergraduates. He has also established a strong record of scientific communication, including six publications and three major conference presentations. Congratulations, Michael!

  • Dr. Savin

    Dr. Savin elected to the 2018 class of ACS Fellows

    Congratulations to Dr. Savin for being elected a Fellow of the American Chemical Society for his “Outstanding contributions to the field of polymer physical chemistry, using light scattering for the solution characterization of self-assembling biomaterials and hybrid nanoparticles,” and for, “Outstanding service to the ACS and the Division of Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering through education leadership, community outreach, and promotion of scientific literacy.”

  • Jeremy Swartz

    Jeremy Swartz from the Sumerlin Group wins NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

    Congratulations to Jeremy Swartz of the Sumerlin Research Group for being awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Jeremy graduates from UF in May and will begin his PhD studies at Northwestern University in the fall of 2018.

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