Butler Polymer Research Lab Group Photo as of February 2014

The George & Josephine Butler Polymer Research Laboratory in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Florida has more than one hundred members and is comprised of the Castellano, Colina, Fanucci, Miller, Savin, Sumerlin, Veige, and Wagener research groups. As part of the Polymer Program, the Butler Polymer Research Laboratory is an integrated and collaborative laboratory setting in which members of the Castellano, Colina, Miller, Savin, Sumerlin, and Wagener groups conduct research in shared facilities on a widely diverse set of topics that encompass all elements of polymer science.

Latest News & Events

  • Dr. Castellano

    Professor Castellano receives SEC Faculty Travel grant

    Congratulations to Dr. Ron Castellano for receiving the Southeastern Conference (SEC) Travel Grant! Dr. Castellano will be hosted by the University of Kentucky.

  • Dr. Adam Veige

    Professor Adam Veige wins JSPS Fellowship

    Congratulations to Adam Veige for winning the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Fellowship for research in Japan! Dr. Veige, who has also been recently named a UFRF Professor, will travel to Japan and spend 18 days visiting various institutions.

  • Dr. Coray Colina

    Colina Group's pySIMM reaches 3000 downloads

    pySIMM, a Python package built by Dr. Colina's research group, has been downloaded over 3000 times! pySIMM is a Python simulation interface for molecular modeling. Read more about it here.

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